De très nombreux livres blancs ont été rédigés, par les plus grands cabinets de conseils, banques, et autres acteurs qui souhaitent apporter leur vision du monde qui vient.

J’ai fait une sélection de ceux qui m’ont permis de naviguer dans le web 3, de comprendre les enjeux du métaverse et de m’approprier les concepts de l’intelligence artificielle.

Voilà ma liste :

Meet me in the metaverse, Accenture

Metaverses and other shared immersive experiences, Adobe

40 ways to play in the metaverse, Amdocs

The potential global economic impact of the metaverse, Analysis group

Metaverse strategies: case studies and analysis, Analysis mason

The Industrial Metaverse, Arthur D.Little

Interactive Entertainment and Metaverses, Baker McKenzie

Healthcare In The Metaverse: Are You Ready?, Baker McKenzie Wong & Leow

The Corporate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Metaverse, BCG

Inclusive Metaverse: How businesses can maximize opportunities to deliver an accessible, safe, inclusive Metaverse that guarantees equity and diversity, University of Cambridge

The Metaverse Could Be Tech’s Next Trillion-Dollar Opportunity: These Are the Companies Making It a Reality, CBS Insights

Real Estate in The Metaverse: Analysis of Land Prices in The Sandbox, CFTE (Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship)

Metaverse, a new world of opportunity, HSBC, CIO Office

Metaverse and money, Decrypting the Future, Citi

Kids and the Metaverse: What Parents, Policymakers, and Companies Need to Know, Common sense

Metaverse: A Guide to the Next-Gen Internet, Credit Suisse

A whole new world? Exploring the metaverse and what it could mean for you, Deloitte

Metaverse report: Future is here, Global XR industry insight, Deloitte China

Media Consumer Survey 2022 – Next Stop: Metaverse, Deloitte

The Metaverse Overview: Vision, Technology, and Tactics, Deloitte

After the hype, what’s next for the metaverse?, Deutsche Bank

5 Key Regulatory Challenges Facing Web3 and Metaverse P2P Transactions (and How to Overcome Them), Dilendorf law firm

The geopolitics of the metaverse: No escaping bifurcation, Eurasia group

EY Metaverse Whitepaper, EY

Building the metaverse: top 10 Companies to watch, Future markets research tank

Regulating the metaverse, Global Counsel

How the metaverse is transcending digital limits and reinventing our place in the physical world, Globant

Framing the Future of Web 3.0, Goldman Sachs

The metaverse: Web 3.0 Virtual Cloud Economies, Grayscale research

Exploring the metaverse and the digital future, GSMA

Metaverse: The New Age of Experience, Havas group

Metaverse and its governance, The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Intro to the metaverse, Newzoo

Opportunities in the metaverse, JP Morgan

Go boldly, not blindly, into the metaverse, KPMG

Future of Extended reality, KPMG

Framework for the metaverse, Matthew Ball

Value creation in the metaverse, McKinsey & Company

Demystifying the metaverse, media.monks

An introduction to learning in the Metaverse, Meridian treehouse

The Metaverse Mindset, Data and insights from the first metaverse consumer survey, Obsess

Nothing changes everything changes, Ogilvy consulting

Reckoning with the Metaverse: A Primer on the Metaverse and NFTs, Oliver Wyman

Social media landscape report, the metaverse: Is it a David vs. Goliath play?, Ornico

The Open Metaverse OS_, Outlier ventures

Metaverse Virtual Real Estate, Parcel

The Metaverse in 2040, Pew Research Center

Guide to the Metaverse, Reed Smith

The metaverse challenges and regulatory issues, Sciences Po

User Privacy Protection in the Emerging World of Metaverse, Tata Consultancy Services

The metaverse as a strategic inflection point, Visa Consulting & Analytics

Into the metaverse, Wunderman Thompson

New realities into the Metaverse and beyond, Wunderman Thompson